About Us

Beltek (Huizhou) Foods Co.,Ltd. is engaged in supplying and manufacturing of high quality instant noodles under "California Sunshine" brands elsewhere in worldwide.  Beltek (Huizhou) was established in January, 1992, with an initial capacity to produce 150 million packs of instant noodle per year. In little more than two years, the production capacity was doubled to 500 million packs/cups/bowls per year to meet the rapidly increasing demand for our product in China and elsewhere worldwide. Our overseas sales extend to U.S.A., Canada, UK, Norway, over 30 countries. Today Beltek has become a leading manufacturer of instant noodle in China.It is honored and recognized by government and Q.A. System authorities as a high quality manufacturer and exporter of instant noodles.  Beltek has been accrediated BRC. IFS. RSPO & SC.

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