•  Cup Noodles
  • Pack Noodles
  • Bowl Noodles
  • 105g 5-pack Noodles
  • 100g Hot Spicy Flavor
  • 100g Beef  Flavor
  • 65g Beef、Hot Spicy、Seafood、Chicken Flavor
  • Hot Spicy Flavor 100gX12 Packing
  • Beef Flavor 100gX12 Packing
  • Beef/Hot Spicy/Seafood/Chicken 65gX20 Packing
  • 78g Kimchi Flavor
  • 78g Beef Flavor
  • 78g Lobster Flavor
  • Kimchi Flavor 78gX12 Packing
  • Beef  Flavor 78gX12 Packing
  • Lobster Flavor 78gX12 Packing
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U.S.A.: Beltek Holdings Inc.
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Walnut Creek,CA 94596,U.S.A.
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CHINA: Beltek(Huizhou)Foods Co.,Ltd.
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TEL: +86-752-231-2222 FAX:+86-752-230-3238
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A subsidiary of the Beltek Enterprises Group with operations and network around the world, Beltek (Huizhou) Foods Co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned, American-invested corporation engaged in supplying and manufacturing of high quality instant noodles under "California Sunshine" brands elsewhere in worldwide. Beltek (Huizh...

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"Quality first" is our uncompromising operating principal. Ultilizing the most advanced testing instruments, technical personnel, and strict scientific management. Our Q.C. techincal team work hard every-day to ensure our products are the most safe, hygienic, and health standard compliance foods in the world.

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